Camaraderie and a Clean Haircut

Dudley's Kampus Barber Styles and Services

If you are ready to make magic happen on top of your head, ask for the standard cut, and we will do it up right. If you need to clean up your mug, and are hesitant for a full chop, just come in for a quick trim.

This is a place where you, the modern man, are encouraged to build camaraderie and community with the folks who keep you looking fresh.

Have any questions? Give us a call at (541) 343-7654.


  • Haircut



    This is the standard $15 cut every man needs. Ask around, we’ve been cleaning folks up and making them look like a million bucks for a very long time.
  • Kids Cut



    The little guys need a fresh cut, too! Bring the kids in to get a hair cut for $12.00 and they will leave knowing they got one just like dad.
  • Buzz Cut



    Buzz Cut
    Set the clippers and let’s clean you up! If you are a man looking for a clean cut and no frills, we will take care of you for just $12.00 bucks.
  • Clean-Up





    Got a date tonight? Headed out for a night on the town? We will make sure your hair is in tip-top shape for $10.00 with our clean up option.
  • Beard-Trim





    A beard is the ultimate sign of manliness. But, that manliness must be tamed at times, and for us to do so will only set you back $10.00.
  • Bang-Trim





    It’s not the 70’s anymore, and your hair shouldn’t look like it, either. We will take care of that with a bang-trim for a measly $5.00.
  • Neck-Trim





    There are some places hair just shouldn’t be, and your neck is one of them. Let us clean it up for $5.00 and you will be back on your ‘A’ game.