The Story

Barber Shop Chair - HighlightedThe Kampus Barbershop has been the place to go for classy haircuts since the Roaring 20’s. At that time, Eugene was a city with a population just over 10,000, and the Kampus Barber was the go-to spot for anyone needing a fresh cut and to catch up on local news in Eugene.


The Kampus Barbershop served clients in the tough times of the Great Depression, cut high and tights for military vets, survived the long-haired hippy revolution of the 60’s, and has kept customers looking clean in the days of hair bands of the 80’s. We keep on the tradition of clean lines and smooth straight-edge shaves to this day.


We are proud of our craft. We are proud of our community. We are proud to provide barber services 94 years running. 

George Dudley - Headshot - Owner of Dudley's Kampus Barber Dudley

George Dudley’s hair cutting career started when he was cutting hair for his buddies at 15 years old. He’s been passionate about keeping his friends looking good ever since. You feel like one of the boys when you go to him to get cleaned up for your routine cut.


In George’s 24-years as a barber, he has only stuck around to give hair cuts in one place; the Kampus Barbershop. George took the opportunity to become the Kampus Barbershop’s 4th owner in its long history in 2015. He added “Dudley’s” to give the shop a personal touch, but otherwise, it remains the same. Still delivering top-notch haircuts to the community since 1922.